From Vickie Wells
Property Deals LLC
Matlacha, Fla

Property address: 1200 Pippen Road, Cookeville (2023)

“Donna handled an estate sale for our family that included a large 3-story house plus a 30’x30′ workshop and a big stand-alone playhouse. The property had been occupied for 30+ years and there was a lot of stuff! She researched unfamiiar items to determine pricing, advertised well in advance of the sale so that there was a great turn-out, and when it was over, gave us the option to reclaim the unsold items or have them removed, at no additional cost to us. During a time of grief, we were able to rely on Donna’s eperience and professionalism to handle the material matters and that was a great comfort to us as out-of-town family. We HIGHLY recommend Donna and her staff!”

Martelia Crawford, Attorney

“I always enjoy her sales – she has interesting items at reasonable prices.

Bob Sotis, Life Church, Cookeville
“good people”